The mission of Canvas and Cave is to enhance arts and culture on every island we serve, while working under a strong environmental mandate.

Our strategy is to build an eco-art centre in Barbados and in so doing create support for creativity and engage the community.  Cultural support for creativity has a huge impact on the strength of a community. It causes people to become more engaged and hold government and institutions accountable for the social services they provide.  When these institutions fulfill their mandate, public trust grows – when they don’t it disappears. With public trust comes a sense of security which allows people to more open to investing in others.

The impact of public trust on local entrepreneurs is extensive. They are more likely to gain first level support from their friends, family, and neighbours.

Our art centre will unite the local community with visitors offering classes the arts – from fine arts to culinary, dance, music and more. Our onsite activities will work to inspire, support and encourage local artists.