North to South is a social enterprise with a mission to move Caribbean nations from their dependence on burning fossil fuels for energy to using of renewables. With most island nations fully dependent on burning heavy oil to create energy, a structured and focused effort must be made to bring about change. This will require a long-term dedicated strategy, and with C02 emissions in the Caribbean increasing rapidly, an organized effort to educate communities, and move government policy forward is essential.   Our first step will be to set up a centre in the Caribbean where we can work to educate the public, support advocacy efforts, and build both our influence and credibility across the region. We must ensure the project is self-sustaining; it must attract influencers from around the world; and it must integrate with local communities. To that end an eco-boutique glamping hotel and environment centre, offering unique programming will supply a perfect base for our work. It will bring together influencers – affluent travellers from around the world – with local advocates and educators. We will offer classes in art, nature, organic cooking and farming to travellers taught by local educators. We will host an annual music and art festival to raise awareness around the use of fossil fuels in the Caribbean.   Our mission to move the Caribbean from burning fossil fuels to using renewable energy will shape our programming, and in turn, the programming will attract affluent travellers providing income to sustain our work.   After extensive research Barbados was chosen as the island to begin our work. It attracts a large number of affluent travellers, has a shortage of luxury hotels, and a large number of daily flights from international cities around the world. It is also an island heavily dependent on burning fossil fuels for energy.   North to South is developing a large plantation into an environment centre and eco-boutique hotel. It will be fully off the grid, with a low carbon footprint. It will offer unique luxury glamping experiences and bring the local community together with the international environmental community. Once our environmental base is set up in Barbados we will create partnerships on other islands.   It will be a long process, but one well worth setting out on. If you would like to join our journey, please email me directly at
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