Art, film and performance Centre

Canvas & Cave

Fine Art, Film and Performance Centre

Canvas and Cave Barbados is a social enterprise. Our mission is to lead  creative education in the community and work with government and local organizations to establish foundations for a strong entrepreneurial network.

Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are vitally important to a strong and vibrant Barbados. Canvas and Cave will nurture and support their development 

Barbados has struggled under a burden of debt with the gap between rich and poor growing as the dependence on costly imports increases. It is our hope that by igniting the arts industry in Barbados we will empower the community to support the development of a creative economy. 

Our strategy is to work with local instructors to offer lessons in arts, entrepreneurship, environment, cooking, dance, drama & film, music,  writing, and much more.

Our goal is to bring the local arts, culture and innovation together with international leaders, and  stimulate the local economy with stronger cultural based initiatives.

The centre will host daily instruction in the arts including:

    • Dance
    • Drama and Performance
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation 
    • Environment workshops
    • Film production
    • Fine Arts
    • Master chef cooking
    • Music
    • Writing & Journalism


    • Weekly art and craft market
    • Annual Environment Conference
    • Annual Art and Music Festival

Our philosophy is to create lasting relationships through unique learning experiences. The programming is complimented by an environmental mandate  – solar power, solar water heating, rain-water recapture, clean sewage processing, organic farming  – all are essential to respecting the natural beauty of the island.

The centre will be sustained by a boutique experiential hotel and artist residence program.

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Advocates 4 Arts Series

A fundraiser to help build an arts, film and performance centre in Barbados

Dec 5 – 8, 2019: 4 nights ~ 4 leaders ~ 4 dinners.

Join us for an intimate dinner & discussion series with internationally renowned leaders, actors and advocates.

Join Canvas and Cave in December 2019 as we welcome international guest for our dinner discussion series. The event will feature 4 evenings of discussion with leaders in the arts, dance, film, performance and politics.

Come spend a long weekend enjoying the warm Caribbean breezes, the excellent food and the riveting discussion with 4 of the world’s greatest advocates for community building.

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