Canvas and Cave Barbados is a social enterprise. Our mission is to lead creative and environmental education in the community and work with government and local organizations to establish foundations for a strong low carbon creative class and entrepreneurial network.

Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are vitally important to a strong low carbon and vibrant Barbados.

Barbados has struggled under a burden of debt with the gap between rich and poor growing as the dependence on costly imports increases. It is our hope that by igniting the environmental and creative industries in Barbados we will empower the community to expand and develop a creative low carbon economy.

Our strategy is to work with local instructors to offer lessons in arts, entrepreneurship, environment, cooking, dance, drama & film, music,  writing, and much more.

We will bring local arts, culture and innovation together with a low carbon mission uniting with international leaders, and stimulating the local economy with strong cultural based initiatives.

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