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Advocates 4 Arts

Canvas and Cave Barbados is hosting an annual Advocates 4 Arts fundraising event bringing together the international arts and film community with the local Barbados arts and film community.

Coming December 2019!

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Advisory Board

Josee Atkinson,  Advisor Architecture, Design and DevelopmentJosee Atkinson grew up  in the construction industry and spent over 20 years developing land, managing construction projects and running businesses. She was responsible for the construction of the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre complex in Holetown, Barbados.  And has also done several construction projects including commercial and residential development. Mrs. Atkinson has a B. Sc. in Mathematics with a specialty in Finance, B.SC in Architecture, and a B Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Laval. Brian Crombie,  Advisor Finance Mr. Crombie is the CFO for the Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey team, he operates his own merchant bank and has a twenty plus year career in business working in New York for Morgan Stanley, in LA for Walt Disney, in Toronto for Molson and Biovail and in Vancouver for the Keg and Pattison. Mr Crombie is the CEO of the Transit Alliance a not-for-profit working to educate the GTHA on the need for Transit Expansion. He graduated with an MBA from Harvard University. Jennifer MacPherson Juman,  Business Development  Advisor Mrs. MacPherson Juman is an international, cross-functional, business professional with significant experience in all aspects of business development, project and product management, marketing, procurement and supply chain. She began her career working with Parks Canada in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She is now based in Barbados working for Cable & Wireless Communications as Head of Mobile Devices and LTE for 15 countries. She has also worked with the Canadian High Commission, Bridgetown (International Trade) and with Altman Real Estate (Marketing). She holds an M.B.A in International Business from St Mary’s University (Canada) and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies and French from the University of Toronto (Canada) and the Université de Nantes (France). During her time with Cable & Wireless she has lived and worked in Antigua, Cayman and the UK Channel Islands. She has an interest in the environment and sustainability.

Executive & Development Team

Sarah Thomson, CEO: Ms. Thomson is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. She began her career in the oil and gas industry and built a multi-million dollar company designing, constructing, and then developing stores in service stations. From there  she went on to develop brand concepts for various oil companies. She went back into development by founding a business that renovated and restored historic homes. Sarah went into the media industry launching Canada’s leading online magazine for business women ( in 2002. She dabbled in politics and is an advocate for environmental building and healthy communities. Greg Thomson, CFO: Mr. Thomson is a data-driven executive with a passion for improving the world. He helped to build and is Director of Research and co-manager at Charity Intelligence, the premiere charity analyst firm in Canada.  Greg is also co-owner and helped to run Women’s Post, Canada’s online magazine for businesswomen. Previously, Greg worked as a strategy consultant at Monitor Company, helping organizations analyze all aspects of their strategic direction.  Greg earned his B.A. (Hons.) in Economics from Queen’s University and his MBA from Harvard University. **********, CFO: ********* has extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

Eco Art Community Centre

Canvas and Cave Barbados is a social enterprise. Our mission is to lead creative education in the community and work with government and local organizations to establish foundations for a strong entrepreneurial environmental network.

Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are vitally important to a strong and vibrant Barbados. Canvas and Cave will nurture and support their development  Barbados has struggled under a burden of debt with the gap between rich and poor growing as the dependence on costly imports increases.  Research has proven that low-income children who have art as an outlet are 3 times more likely to succeed academically. Sadly there are over 5000 children in Barbados who have no or little access to arts education. We aim to change that! It is our hope that by igniting the arts and environment industries in Barbados we will empower the community to support the development of a green creative economy.  Our strategy is to work with local instructors to offer lessons in arts, entrepreneurship, environment, cooking, dance, drama & film, music,  writing, and much more.

Our goal is to bring the local arts, culture and environmental innovation together with international leaders, and  stimulate the local economy with stronger cultural based initiatives.

The centre will host daily instruction in the arts including:

    • Dance
    • Drama and Performance
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation 
    • Environment workshops
    • Film production
    • Fine Arts
    • Master chef cooking
    • Music
    • Writing & Journalism

    • Weekly art and craft market
    • Annual Environment Conference
    • Annual Art and Music Festival

Our philosophy is to create lasting relationships through unique learning experiences. The programming is complimented by an environmental mandate  – solar power, solar water heating, rain-water recapture, clean sewage processing, organic farming  – all are essential to respecting the natural beauty of the island.

The centre will be sustained by a boutique experiential hotel and artist residence program.

Hear the stillness, touch the moments

Imagine the stillness of an early morning at Canvas and Cave in Barbados. You can hear the faint rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the beach down below. A lone rooster crows and then another further away answers back. The bed feels warm and cozy, but curiosity pulls at you. You get up, still impressed by the level of elegance and intuitiveness put into the design of the permanent tent you are staying in. No need to use the air conditioning during the night, as the open screen windows let in a cool breeze. A thick bathrobe hangs just inside the closet and the polished floors are smooth and cool beneath your feet. You brew a cup of coffee, hoping not to wake your partner, and take it outside. The deck is damp with dew, but you pull your feet up beside you in a large comfortable chair. A few stars are still in the sky, and you can make out the fields and gullies rolling down to the ocean below. There is a faint sweet smell of smoke from burning palm fronds. The sky brightens, and the ocean changes from dark grey to steel blue. You remember the aqua blue colour it had the previous afternoon. The sun finally breaks the horizon and a bird sings from a tree above. You listen and wait with him, he calls out again, sharing your anticipation for the day ahead. His call is answered from the gully below, and as the sun touches the tree tops the birds seem to wake up together, their calls turning to chatter that fills the early morning stillness. You can hear your partner getting up, and the smell of fresh bread floats in from the plantation house like a beacon calling you to breakfast. You decide to find out what activities Canvas and Cave is offering, the wifi works well and you log on to the handy app – where a calendar shows all the days free activities. You have trouble choosing between, the painting classes at 10am, or the gully hike, or the discussion on world finance with special keynote speaker. There is a pilates work out at 9:00am you just might make, and at 1pm there is a master chef cooking with organics class that might be fun. The beach shuttle (electric of course) runs every 10 minutes and you might want to go for a swim in the ocean later in the afternoon, but you’ll want to be back for the cocktail  reception at the sunset bar as there will be a famous author giving a short reading. Later in the evening there is movie night for the kids down in the eco-lodge, and a “bridge battle” on the plantation terrace. And then you notice that you can sign up to help release turtle hatchlings the next morning, or help at the organic farm. So many options, but perhaps you’ll just take a morning swim, have breakfast and then spend the day in the hammock reading a book. Canvas and Cave Plantation Hear the stillness ~ Touch the moments.
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