We love to chat !I love chatting with people who don't stop chatting even after saying bye – Manjeet Singh Snail Mail AddressCanvas and Cave at The Old RectorySt. Peter's…

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Climate Change needs SABC
Photo credit Seth Doyle

Climate Change needs SABC

SABC = Social Art for Behavior Change Causing cultural change is extremely difficult, especially in small communities where travel, international collaboration, and education are limited. Developing countries often align with…

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Bruce Springsteen

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So many know him as "the Boss," the rock star from New Jersey or that guy from the E Street band. But what you many no know about Bruce Springsteen…

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Research on the impact of the Arts
Photo by Bill Wegener

Research on the impact of the Arts

Research has proven that low-income children who have art as an outlet are 3 times more likely to succeed academically. Sadly there are over 3000 children in Barbados who have…

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